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Making Thyme for Good Things: making thyme salt, that is

Houseproud make thyme for good things IMG_6156

Here’s a helpful tip from the Houseproud kitchen: thyme salt makes just about everything taste better. Really, it’s true! I’ve made all sorts of herb salts, but I use thyme salt the most. It goes with almost everything. It tastes yummy whisked into a salad dressing, tucked under the skin of a roasted chicken, or sprinkled on toasted olive bread. It’s become a critical part of the brine I make for my “feta” tofu, so I keep it in constant stock. It’s a very useful thing to have on hand, but it does take a little time to make (SNORT, giggle, giggle). Really, the only downside of making thyme salt is that separating the tiny leaves from their stems is such a tedious task. But that’s one of the reasons why thyme salt makes a thoughtful gift for your fav’rite cook: you’ll being doing the grunt work for your lucky recipient!
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Preserving the Season: salt-cured lemons

Houseproud salt cured lemons IMG_6048

Lemon season: we’re in the thick of it, and thanks to a gloriously wet winter, it’s been a bumper crop this year. For those of us who live in California’s temperate zones, there are plenty of backyard lemons to be had. Oh happy, happy day! Perhaps you’ve been blessed with an abundance of lemons or have noticed them at your local farmers market? If so, why not preserve some of that bounty for the lemon slow season?
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Beet Tonic: it will cure what ails you

Houseproud beet tonic IMG_4349Gracious me, with Thanksgiving in the rear-view mirror, we’re in the thick of the winter holiday season now, aren’t we? Are you feeling swamped already? Take a few minutes to make a batch of brine-fermented beets this week, and soothe your frazzled nerves and over-indulged belly with a glass of beet tonic in the coming days. Continue reading

Brined Tofu: easy, tasty, and mighty good fer ya

Houseproud brined tofu IMG_3403Have I mentioned that I follow Mark Bittman’s Vegan Before 6 philosophy of eating? If you haven’t already heard about VB6, it can be described as eating vegan during the day, focusing on whole foods and avoiding junk, and having a flexitarian diet for dinner. I like eating this way for a number of reasons, none of which I’ll trouble you with today.

I also have the metabolism of a hummingbird – one that’s slowed down a bit, but still and all, ZIP! Whereas the Mister can eat one meal a day and be quite happy, I lose my mind if I don’t refuel every three hours. Having a speedy metabolism is generally wonderful, but it does makes me susceptible to melting down like a small child if I’ve missed a feeding. It’s very awkward. There are a number of vegan recipes that will keep me sufficiently fueled, but my go-to source for long-lasting energy is tofu. Continue reading

Lentils and Bulgur: One Pot of Comfort

Houseproud lentils and bulgur recipe IMG_3968Here’s an easy recipe for you: lentils and bulgur, cooked together in one pot, based on a dish that’s popular throughout the Middle East. It travels well and is still yummy days after it was made. It’s an earthy dish – hearty, filling, and cheap. It’s also a one-pot meal that needs minimal attention or prep work, which is useful if you, too, have decided to clean every FRACKING inch of your home and each item therein. No matter how unreasonable your plans or how troubled the world, this food comforts the wearied soul.  Continue reading

Scrap-Happy: Tasty Eggplant Scraps

Houseproud Scrappy Eggplant IMG_3015

Here’s a little post for those of you who plan to ferment eggplants this season or in the future. As described in Monday’s post, prepping eggplants for fermentation does produce a fair amount of food scraps. Yr little munakins urges you to use those scraps, don’t toss ‘em! Continue reading

Fermenting Jalapenos, Part 1: It’s Easy and Fun

Houseproud fermented jalapenos part I IMG_3219

After spending the last two months making batch after batch of fermented jalapenos, I can confidently report the following: it’s easy, inexpensive and ridiculously fun. This post is the first in a series – other posts will follow with particulars. The purpose of this series is two-fold: it will record what I did this season with hot peppers, and it might convince you lovely peeps to start your own batches of fermented jalapenos before the season’s caput. Ready? Continue reading

Peach Sorta-Jam and Other Curatives

Houseproud peach sorta-jam IMG_2626Hello, hello and hello again, my pets. Just popping in to let you know that I have been thinking about you this week, although there’s been little here to prove that. I would have stopped by earlier, but I’ve been stricken with a severe attack of lack-of-focus-itus, which has resulted in a large number of half-started sewing and knitting projects, and a general inability to get anything of substance done. This lack of focus, coupled with the way I generally feel these days after hearing the news, has made me uncharacteristically out-of-sorts. On the off chance that you occasionally suffer from the blahs yourselves, here are a few sure-fire methods to revive your sense of hope and purpose, all of which I’ve employed recently: go for a walk; do the hokey pokey*; fuss about in the garden; and make jars and jars of peach sorta-jam.  Continue reading

Test Run: Fermented Jalapenos

Houseproud WIP denim day-tripper bag IMG_2531

This is not a picture of jalapenos.

I’ll have you know that some of my most effective puzzling through a project has been accomplished whilst running at the gym. There’s nothing like a grueling pace to help one focus on the proposed steps of a project – and if nothing else, thinking through a project is a welcome distraction. But as helpful as this process can be, usually the actual making of a new thing can be tricky: materials or ingredients can behave unexpectedly. Therefore and thusly, when working on something new, test runs (heh) are a good thing. As a case in point, I’m making a zippered tote bag from mid-weight denim for the first time, and I’m slightly unnerved by the heft of the material. So I decided to start by making a matching heart charm and a key fob, to learn how the material handles before I take on the bag itself. Continue reading

Easy to Make & Mighty Tasty to Boot

houseproud-cookbooks-fermentation-img_2377.jpgGreetings from the Houseproud homestead’s kitchen, my pets! I was a busy little munakins this last week, most of it spent out in the world, but a few good stretches of time spent in our kitchen. And given how busy I’ve been and how busy I’m sure you’ve been, what better way to amuse you this week than by giving you some easy recipes to hack? What I’ll be showing you today follows my rule of “spend a little time now and you’ll be happier later”. I’m a great fan of applying this principle to cooking, as it keeps me well-fed and happy no matter what my schedule is like. Continue reading