Hello, there.  I’m Muna, aka your little munakins, and I live with my Mister in a tiny flat in a lovely (mostly) quiet neighborhood in Alameda, California.  In this tiny flat are many cookbooks, an impressive collection of booze, a small-but-well-selected number of craft books, lots of yarn (some of which has been hand dyed by moi), food I’ve preserved, treasures from hikes (like bleached bones and rusted iron and smooth stones and bright feathers and shards of colored glass).  It’s decorated with stuff that the Mister and I have made or collected over the years.  We both like to make stuff.  I need to make stuff.  This blog is all about making stuff, about the things that inspire me to make stuff.  This blog is about making a home, too.  It’s about being houseproud.

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