Obsessions: weeding and self-drafted knitted tunic

Houseproud obsessed - tunic IMG_4615I’ve been obsessed with two things these last few weeks: an almost daily slow toddle around the back garden for an hour or so, pulling weeds and enjoying the cool, damp air; and the endless knitting and unknitting of a self-drafted tunic, of which I have written in a previous post. Frankly, the nasty little head-cold that recently snuck into the Houseproud homestead was a perfect excuse for staying home and getting some serious knitting done.

Houseproud obsessed - tunic IMG_4561Normally, I try to bully my body through a cold, but this time as soon as I started sniffling, I spent a few afternoons buried in a chair, wrapped in blankets, with my knitting on my lap and glasses of lime water and cups of hot tea within easy reach. I justified my sloth thusly: a few days of inaction would lead to a faster recovery (alas, it didn’t) and that I would have a fetching tunic to wear (alas, I don’t).

Houseproud obsessed - tunic IMG_4579I will eventually have a tunic to show you, my pets, but right now I only have process pics. Gracious – so MANY process pictures. I think I have it nailed this time around, but I’ve felt that before with this project: as soon as one lumpy bit has been cured and that particular danger zone has been knitted past, a new lumpy bit presents itself. The top portion has been ripped out more times than I can recall. Thank goodness the yarn is so very sturdy! It’s been a terribly seductive project, though. In fact, as I type this missive to you, the tunic is calling me from the living room with its siren song of “just two more rounds”…

Houseproud obsessed - tunic IMG_4650But as much as I’d like to spend another afternoon knitting something that I’ll rip out later that evening, I do have pressing business to accomplish in the next two weeks, not all of which involves Christmas. And so for the duration, I’ve banned myself from the garden AND from working on the tunic. Well … if I have a phone call to take, I can still wander around and weed whilst on the call, yes? And I can knit in the evenings after chatting with the Mister and tidying up dinner dishes, right? There’s no harm in that!

And on that note of utter delusion, I leave you, duckies. There is a faint hope that I’ll pop back here later this week to share ideas for a few simple handmade gifts. I’m not sure, though, as many of the things I have in the hopper are intended as presents for my nearest and dearests, who do read this blog… Instead, I’ll probably share some pics of the homestead when it’s all decked out for the holidays. That’s my Friday planned, you know: Christmas greenery purchased and our decorations unboxed and put on display. Oh, I do love this time of year: endless fussing and the promise of RAIN, GLORIOUS RAIN. Until next time and with much fondness, yr little munakins

Houseproud obsessed - tunic IMG_4582

Our living room is still wearing its modest autumn finery, but Christmas is making inroads. We’ve already received a holiday card (Jeanne – you’re a good woman, you), and our advent candles are up. By this Saturday, autumn will have been banished for the year and the living room will be a riot of greenery and colorful Christmas decorations…  


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