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End of Season Report: Fermented Green Tomatoes

Houseproud Ferm'd Green Tomatoes IMG_3499Oh happy day: after a long search, I FINALLY found a source for unripe tomatoes! Mad thanks to the lovely peeps at Jacob’s Farm (also the source of this summer’s jalapenos). Jesse and his crew pulled 5 lbs. of unripe tomatoes for me in early October – mostly unripe Early Girls, but with a smattering of unripe heirloom ‘matoes. It’s unreasonably difficult to source green tomatoes, I’ll have you know. There are two ways to procure them: grow ‘em yourself or beg them from a grower. Some of you might have them coming out of your ears, but for those of us who are less fortunate, the wait was well worth it. My fermented green tomato pickles turned out so well that I’ve requested another 10 lbs. We’ll see if the weather allows for one last batch…  Continue reading

End of Season Report: Fermented Eggplant Pickles

Houseproud Ferm'd Eggplant IMG_3006As reported earlier this summer, eggplant pickles are easy to make and taste like olives when they’re done. They’re marvelous, really. My eggplant pickles are based very loosely on a recipe in a wonderful cookbook called My Calabria, by Rosetta Costantino. Her recipe for pickled eggplant preserved in oil, Melanzane Sott’Olio, is given in the Calabrian pantry chapter, which is a chapter I practically have memorized. In fact, I have either made or have plans to make every recipe in the chapter, and how often can you say that? Continue reading

End of Season Report: Canning Tomatoes

Houseproud End of Season canning tomatoes IMG_2924Unlike previous years, I only put up one small batch of tomatoes this year, but I did it in record time by using grated tomatoes. The lovely thing about this process is that it’s as simple as possible, but still makes for some mighty tasty results. I’ve written about canning tomatoes in previous years (see, for example, my post on October 14, 2013, “This, That, and Another Thing”), but this post captures the streamlined process I use now. As an added bonus, the process scales up or down nicely. Ready to play along at home? Alrighty then! Continue reading

They’re Great Grated: Ripe Tomatoes

Houseproud Great Grated IMG_3249

Perfectly ripe farmers market tomatoes are close to perfection – the next best thing to home-grown. Unfortunately, rot will set in quickly. Have you more ripe tomatoes than you can eat in a day? Slice those excess beauties in half, grate them over a bowl, and pour the resulting puree into a glass jar, which will keep in the fridge for about two or three days before it becomes foul. You get extra points if you toss the tomato skins into the jar with the grated pulp. Et voila: you’ve saved those glorious tomatoes from the compost bin. Just remember to use ‘em up within a few days! Now, if you have a little more time to spare, here are three ways to use tomato pulp and skins:  Continue reading

End of Season Report: Fermenting Jalapenos


Houseproud End of Season jalapenos IMG_3118

Ah, fall is here and summer’s abundance of produce has faded away. This will prob’ly be the last week for hot peppers at my farmers market, so I’m planning one final small batch of fermented jalapenos. Given the volume and variety of fermented jalapeno products currently filling the Houseproud fridge to capacity, you might ask yourself, WHY, LORD, WHY? The Mister is asking that very question, lemme tell you. Continue reading