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End of Season Report: Fermented Green Tomatoes

Houseproud Ferm'd Green Tomatoes IMG_3499Oh happy day: after a long search, I FINALLY found a source for unripe tomatoes! Mad thanks to the lovely peeps at Jacob’s Farm (also the source of this summer’s jalapenos). Jesse and his crew pulled 5 lbs. of unripe tomatoes for me in early October – mostly unripe Early Girls, but with a smattering of unripe heirloom ‘matoes. It’s unreasonably difficult to source green tomatoes, I’ll have you know. There are two ways to procure them: grow ‘em yourself or beg them from a grower. Some of you might have them coming out of your ears, but for those of us who are less fortunate, the wait was well worth it. My fermented green tomato pickles turned out so well that I’ve requested another 10 lbs. We’ll see if the weather allows for one last batch…  Continue reading