Charmed, I’m Sure

Houseproud Monument Valley charm pillow

Really, my pets – it’s been far too long.  And it’s not that I haven’t missed visiting with you here, really it’s not.  Rather, I fell in love with a job about four years ago and have ignored you shamelessly since.  Please accept my mea culpas, won’t you?  Do let’s pretend that we’ve had all the time in the world to catch up; have done so already; and are therefor-and-thusly ready to talk about a charming little project I wanted to share with you …  Go on and take a gander at the picture above again – it features something I call a charm pillow: a small pillow showing the outline of three well-known rock formations in Monument Valley, which is very much the Mister’s happy place.  The little thing smells heavenly, thanks to the pungent dried sage I added to its stuffing, and the Mister himself took the photo and created the silhouette.  The pillow is a tiny portal to a very special place, made by me for the Mister.  It makes me happy, and I think it might make you happy, too, because nothing tops making your own memory piece to capture your personal memories of a trip.  Oh, and also?  It’s SUPER easy to make a little piece like this.  So, perhaps there’s an important date or event you’d like to memorialize?  A favorite pet?  A new motorcycle?  Whatever the person-place-or-thing that you want to capture, the trick is to keep the project small so it can be made quickly.  This pillow reminded me of the charms that I used to collect, which is why I called it a charm pillow.  I’ll be making other charm pillows, cuz as I said, they’re easy to make and they would great little gifts.

Monument Valley charm pillow in situ

The Monument Valley charm pillow in situ

If you’d like some hints on making your own charm pillows, next week’s post will include some rough instructions, don’t you worry.  This week I just used the charm pillow as an excuse to slip in and say a very belated hello.  So hello, my dears, and goodbye for now.  I’ve missed you muchly, and am so looking forward to visiting with you regularly again!

rest in peace, mutti

This beautiful lady left us too early.  She was: a wife, the mother of nine and grandmother of nine, and the mother-in-law of five; the maker of wonderful things; a plant whisperer; an animal lover; and a fearless world traveler.  She fought hard to stay with us, but lost her short battle with cancer this March. Rest in peace, mutti.

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