Greetings and salutations

My pets – Oh, it’s been too long since last I posted, really it has been.  And as long as it’s been since I last posted, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait a few more days for a decent post.  But perhaps this photo will tide you over until then?  Why, I’m sure it will!  Look at the pretty and come on back in a few days for a decent post, won’t you?  – yr little munakins

Houseproud projects - Wreath of burlap flowers with yellow stamens close up

I added yellow stamens to the burlap flowers.

Shall we compare the final version of the wreath to the earliest version? Oh, do let’s!

Wreath with stamens & filled out with a few more flowers ...

The wreath, as it appears now.  Along with the yellow stamens, I added a few more small flowers, and all of the larger flowers now have three layers.

It's finished!  Hurrah, the fall flower wreath is done, and JUST in time for Thanksgiving dinner!  The scrap-leather leaves slay me, really they do (although their placement irks me, but as I am so done with this bloody thing for the season, they can stay where they are).

The same wreath, as it appeared last November.  The leather leaves are no longer on the wreath (except for the one at the top of the wreath).  When autumn rolls around this year I think I’ll add the leather leaves back, but this time in a greater abundance …

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