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Farmers Market Field Trip: Mid-Summer Yumminess

Houseproud fieldtrip farmers market strawberries IMG_1255

These strawberries were so ripe and yummy that it’s a miracle any of ’em made it back to the Houseproud homestead. I ate almost half of the basket before I made it back to my trike.

Hello, my pets – have the last two weeks been fulsome ones for you, too? I managed to get ever so much stuff done, including prepping for a sweet and family-filled Fourth of July and at least a few visits to our local farmers market, but alas: I couldn’t make time to sit down for a chat with you lovelies. Continue reading

It’s Almost Time, and There’s Still Hot Sauce Left

Still life with summer 2017 hot sauce

Still life with the last jars of hot sauce and canned tomatoes, along with jars of assorted other preserved goodness.

My pets, is it summer where you are yet?  It is in our neck of the woods, and about a month ago our local Farmers’ Market started its slow climb into full veggie glut.  As the stone fruit rolls in and the offerings of summer squash explodes, I’ve been watching carefully for my true summer bellwethers: hot peppers and dry-farmed tomatoes.  Even in my busiest years, I’ve always managed to put up at least a few jars apiece of those two treasures.  And in all the years that I’ve preserved food, there’s always been a gap between finishing the last jar of anything and the beginning of that thing’s growing season.  I am very zen about finishing the last jars of most Houseproud home preserves, but I kinda loose my mind when I finish the last of the hot sauce.  This is completely understandable, cuz that stuff is amazing. Continue reading