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A Good Little Portable Knitting Project

Houseproud knitted wristlettes FO closeup IMG_3159Hello, my pets – I’ve accomplished all sorts of things in the last week, including completing the final batches of summer preserving, and while I haven’t the strength to talk about that now, I will in the coming weeks. Instead, let’s chat this week about a little knitting project of which I am quite fond: knitted wristlettes. These lovely items are a perfect portable project: they are simple to work and are small enough to carry around easily.  Once you get over the fiddly bit of starting them, they are easy to pick up and put down. I’ve knit them on trains, in cars, at cafes, while on conference calls, etc etc etc. Continue reading

Houseproud Field Trip: Picnic on Bay Farm Island

Houseproud fieldtrip picnic Bay Farm Island IMG_3071Yesterday I peddled off to have a small adventure, a picnic on the shore of Bay Farm Island to celebrate the birthday of my MIL (who is off having adventures in the afterlife and who is sorely missed by thems that knew her). I’m still basking in the glow of an afternoon well spent, and not all of that glow is from my resulting sunburn. The reason why my impromptu picnic was a fitting memorial to the Mister’s mum is something that would take quite a few words to articulate, but as I simply MUST get to the hardware store to buy a replacement bathroom faucet this afternoon, and then there’s the gym, and oh, another 10 lbs of jalapenos to process at some point (brine fermented this time, I think), as well as over 5 lbs of fermenting eggplant that really ought to be checked before I leave the house… Continue reading