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I (heart) vintage tea towels

Houseproud projects - vintage linen towel embroidered heartWhenever I’m Treasure Hunting for Redux or browsing at places like Oakland Museum of California’s White Elephant Sale, I keep a keen eye out for interesting vintage kitchen towels, aka tea towels.  They’ve become rare beasts in the last few years – I’m not the only one on the hunt!  With the least bit of encouragement from you, my pets, I would be happy to show you a few of my better finds, but the truth is that I don’t usually keep the vintage tea towels that I find.  Instead, I use them to “wrap” presents, and off they go to live in new homes (I’ve noticed that using new pretty tea towels to wrap presents is a bit of a trend for customers at Alameda Natural Grocery’s Pantry).  Do you hunt for vintage towels, too?  Like me, do you sometimes find calendar tea towels?  Do you ever get really lucky and find a calendar tea towel from a year that means a lot to youContinue reading