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One of the many reasons that baking soda is your friend

Houseproud kitchen - Sunday's veg 2014-05-18One of the things that you might notice in many of the pictures taken in the Houseproud homestead kitchen is the small glass jar of baking soda that lives on our kitchen counter.  That’s the jar in the picture above – see it on the far right, above the tofu slabs?  It’s the glass jar with the cork lid.  In order to prevent unfortunate misunderstandings, I cut out the original box’s logo – Arm & Hammer – and taped it to the jar.  (The little stoneware jar to the left of the baking soda jar holds course-ground salt, another staple.)  The content of our little jar of baking soda sees some serious action at the homestead, and it’s often pressed into service to clean our cast iron cookware.  How do you clean your cast iron?  Perhaps you’d be interested in learning our method?  Continue reading